Monday, 28 March 2011

corporate war declared

Sometimes violence can be justified, but this can be problematic when people find it hard to directly identify who the real enemy is. In the case of Hitler it was easy, but took years for people to see what was right before their eyes. Peaceful revolution is a great concept, but it calls for all those in authority to denounce their leaders and absolve the power back to the people. The violence is aimed at specific targets, such as boots who only pay 3% tax, vodafone who owe enough money in taxes to cover the costs of the education cuts. The banks, ,well that one's pretty obvious and speaks for itself. In saying that it would be good to avoid violence, but, to my knowledge there have been few bloodless revolutions. The media and quango government/s are very shrewd and devisive in their dealings and representations of the truth. When we consider the violence that our quango government/s are perpertring on people, not only in this country but also through its illegal wars and occupations of other countries, what is the real cost of a few broken windows or bad graffitti. We must not lose sight nor balance, breaking people's heads and bones is not an end to a means, windows can be replaced, broken bones and death's like that of Ian Tomlinson cannot be justified against material damage. We are in "Now Time" a time for change, corporate war has been declared on the people of the world.